Dear locale friends, and friends/relatives over there!
We would like to share with you some of the experiences we made last
year, please bear with my English. First of all we wish a Happy New
Year to all of you, and say thanks for letters and cards giving us
notice of what is going on over there. Even if you are far away, you
are part of the ”wonder what” questions we now and then ask and
discuss and in our prayers.

2006 has not offered any major changes turning our lives upside down,
we have however had, a quite intense and multicoloured year.
Hanseric have continued to work on their house and
their garden. Hanseric do still work at the newspaper. Hanseric has
moved office and is once again working in Helsingborg. He took up
golf last year, and this year it’s time to ride their horse Juni
(June). Australia was visited for six weeks in February and March
and as far as we understood they had a wonderful trip.

Carljohan has been involved in a lot of activities as usual. He
continued to teach at the University in Umeå, and struggle on his Phd
during the spring. He has travelled a lot during this year, much due
to his involvement in projects that deals with ICT in developing
countries. We are happy on his behalf, but we must confess that we
feel some discomfort when he is sitting on all these flights. In
March it was announced that he where about to receive a scholarship
giving the opportunity for a visiting fellowship at the computer
science department at Bath University during the autumn. A real
challenge for him, and a good opportunity for me and Irja to finally
visit UK together, which we did in October. We hired a car and drove
from London to Bath, and continued from there to explore Cornwall and
the south western parts of England. The coastline was dramatic and
the roads were very narrow indeed, but we had a great time and a
great week.

We have spent quite a lot of weeks this year Irja and I, in our
summer house in Värmland. The old house offers a nice refuge, and
time actually seems going slower there. We have finally drilled after
water and are now enjoying to have our own well. We have for more
than 40 years fetched our water from a nearby farm, but some
decisions just take more time than others to be made. The activity
that perhaps takes most of our time is the engagement in the aid work
in The Baltic countries, helping single mothers and their children
with clothes and other necessary things. We support a number of
orphanages in Lithuania through the revenue generated from
Änglaverket, a small business that sells old things, furniture and
clothes. It is also work that our congregation supports. We are
overall happy to see that new members are often welcomed, if not
every Sunday, at least once a month.

This year has already had its first two weeks and soon I will be
sitting here once again summoning the year that has past almost too
fast. We wish you all the best for the year to come, and we are with
anticipation looking forward to hear from you again soon. Tonight we
will have some friends over for a traditional gathering when we sing
and ”dance” (there is however not enough space to do dance…) this
Christmas season out our front door…
Tanks for the picture.

All the best

Irja and Harald

Special for Patty!
This is possibly the cake recepie you asked for…

200g butter
2 1/2 dl of sugar
3 eggs
50g shopped cocktail berries
50g chopped orange skin
1 dl raisins
3 1/2 dl of wheat flour
1/2 tee spoon baking powder

Prepare the baking tin with butter so the fine grained bred crumbs
sticks to the side and bottom. Stir butter and sugar to become sort
of puffy. Add eggs, one at the time and stir with determination
until the mixture is puffy. Mix the chopped berries and the dried
fruit with the flour and the baking powder. Add this to the mixture,
and put it in the baking tin. The oven should have a temperature of
175 Degree C. The cake will need 55-60 minutes if you chose to put it
low in the oven. When ready, let the cake rest and loose some its
heat before you turn the tin upside down. Good luck:)